Duc Thinh Dong: Video Artist
Duc Thinh Dong: Video Artist

Duc Thinh Dong: Video Artist

Curious, creative and enigmatic are words that spring to mind when thinking about how to describe our next Friend of Edan. Duc Thinh Dong, or Duccie to friends is a Sydney based video artist with an emphasis on the word Artist, expressing himself through an array of other mediums outside of the realm of film. Duccie navigates the world with a different set of eyes than most and that quickly becomes apparent through a simple interaction with him. A somewhat simple conversation with Duccie can have you tapping into parts of your mind you had not yet started to explore so enjoy delving deeper with him here, in his own words. 

Duc Thinh Dong

Video Artist

I’m looking into glass blowing next

An early offactive (scent) memory? 
Saturday mornings at my parent’s bakery

Favourite scent? 
Construction sites and smoke on worn clothing (not my own though)

Favourite flower? 
The Queen of the Night, a night-flowering cactus that blooms once a year for one night only. We had one in the garden, in the house I grew up in. At the time it seemed so ordinary, I never acknowledged it. 

However, in my memory I recognise it as an encounter with the sublime. It would appear unexpectedly one night and the next day it was gone. I’ve always been drawn to the ephemeral, but I wish I had appreciated that more. 

Is there a season you favour? 
Autumn on a sunny day

Do you dream? 
In my sleep I do. Often they are random, nonsensical and on occasions they are transcendental. The other night I dreamt I was standing by Dove Lake in Cradle Mountain and all I could hear was Harvest Moon by Neil Young echoing around me.

Can you share with us a book that you're currently reading, or recently finished? 
Still reading Sapiens… It’s been two years. I know, I know!

How do you think you express love? 
I did the love language test and my dominant love languages are acts of service and physical touch. I express love in a very practical way. 

Is there a philosophy or principle that you live by? 
Kindness first / less is more / everything you do in life stems from either fear or love.

Where are you drawing inspiration from at present?
I am in awe of today’s youth—more specifically the wave of social activists, all of whom are passionately and unequivocally committed to reconstructing the world for the better. They inspire me to approach things with more conviction and purpose.

What's important to you on a social, and environmental level? 
In the micro, I seek out friendships and relationships that are expansive, dynamic and above all else ones that are joyful! 

On the macro, I am an advocate for more funding in the arts. I truly believe that creativity is a healing force for the wider community and subsequently the environment as well.  

Where do you go to be with nature?
When we are free to move again I’d like to spend more time somewhere surrounded by towering mountains and open land. As for now, the quiet park outside my apartment is perfect too. 

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