Ilkin Kurt: Brand/Creative Consultant
Ilkin Kurt: Brand/Creative Consultant

Ilkin Kurt: Brand/Creative Consultant

Meeting Turkish born, Sydney based Ilkin for the first time feels as though she has just swished in from another era. Effortlessly charming and somewhat of a fashion industry Rolodex, she has dipped her toes in many a pond. Ilkin has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the business of fashion - buying, styling, consulting as well occasionally lending her face for the right project. She currently works alongside Lucy Folk in assisting all of our summer dreams come true. Working alongside Ilkin and the Lucy Folk team we proudly created an in-store rendition of our signature Free Spirit arrangement in their iconic Bondi Beach retail store.

Ilkin Kurt

Brand/Creative Consultant

Early morning walks, bath, walking in the suburbs that I’m not familiar with

An early offactive (scent) memory? 
Rosa Damascena’s in my grandmother’s garden

Favourite scent? 
A pure olive oil soap smell in the old fashion marble Turkish Hamam (bath)

Favourite flower? 
Dandelions as they are super fragile and theatrical

Is there a season you favour? 
Spring in Japan, Autumn in Turkey, Summer in Italy, Winter is tricky I’m not good with cold

Do you dream? 
Non-stop and very vividly.

Can you share with us a book that you're currently reading, or recently finished? 
Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers’ Rights by Molly Smith, Juno Mac

It's a perfect antidote to mainstream feminism's ongoing rejection women of colour, trans women, sex working women and queer women. Overall, an extremely well-written, radical and lucid, accessible piece on such a nuanced and complex topic.


How do you think you express love? 
Touch and glance

Is there a philosophy or principle that you live by? 
Treat people like the way you wanted to be treated and I guess ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’. Both classics. I don’t always succeed but I try.

Where are you drawing inspiration from at present? 
Mostly my close circle of friends, nature and libraries (yes I am an old-school).

What's important to you on a social, and environmental level? 
I’m really trying my best on Zero Waste concept and would love to see some light on LGBTQI rights globally.

Where do you go to be with nature?
A city called Trabzon in north east of Turkey where I completed my bachelor’s degree. Pure magic. Google it😊

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