Ella & Lola: Creative Consultants
Ella & Lola: Creative Consultants

Ella & Lola: Creative Consultants

Ella and Lola, two wildly creative and beautiful humans that split their time between being in front of and behind the camera. Being in the presence of these two lovers makes you feel as though they have lived a thousand lives before. Ella is an abundantly talented all-round-creative (She helped launch the wildly popular TomBoy beauty) while Lola has seemingly participated in every facet of the fashion industry. They are two rays of sunshine that are so unbelievably intelligent and kind.

Ella Jane 
Lola Van Vorst

E: Photographer, writer and creative consultant
L: Pr coordinator 

E: Gardening and cooking like the 70 year old woman who lives inside me.
L: Naps

An early olfactive (scent) memory? 
E: We used to live in England when I was younger which was obviously cold 70% of the year. My mom would come home from work late and come in to say goodnight and she always smelled like white floral fragrance and cold air.
L: Grandads Gardenias 

Favourite scent? 
E: Anything woody and green or anything bergamot 
L: Burning wood and gardenias 

Favourite flower? 
E: Tulips or magnolias
L: Tulips

Is there a season you favour? 
E: Summer
L: Autumn 

Do you dream? 
E: Always and very vividly
L: Yes but rarely remember them :(

Can you share with us a book that you're currently reading, or recently finished? 
E: I’m currently reading Carmen Maria Machado’s ‘Her Body and Other Parties’ which is brilliant and thoughtful 
L: Currently trying to get through “in the dream house” by Carmen Maria Machado

How do you think you express love? 
E: Physical touch mostly.
L: Touch, quality time and words of affirmation 

Is there a philosophy or principle that you live by? 
E: Just to be kind and conscious.
L: Just the old classic, treat others the way you expect to be treated. Simple.

Where are you drawing inspiration from at present?
E: I’m doing a lot of looking inwards and reflection. Amid such a disjointed time I’m trying to listen to myself and let what I truly want be heard/respected.
L: Nature, movies. Other creatives doing cool things.

What's important to you on a social, and environmental level? 
E: I think that climate justice and social justice are deeply intertwined. I’d like to see sovereignty for our First Nations communities, and safety for BIPOC, and LGBTQI folks globally.
L: The rights of First Nations Peoples and the BIPOC community. Especially my queer family.

Where do you go to be with nature?
E: Back to my parents house in the Byron hinterland. They live essentially in the middle of the rainforest. It’s my favourite place in the world.
L: Either mums on the beach or family bush property. I feel zen in both environments.


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