Tirrell Cherry: Wellness Coach
Tirrell Cherry: Wellness Coach

Tirrell Cherry: Wellness Coach

Connected through mutual friends we wandered into the world of Tirrell through his refreshingly positive instagram feed. Someone that has a gravitational pull and a pure light that is so captivating in an otherwise energetically stagnant landscape. Growing up in Hawaii he found ‘home’ in a few stops during his journey from west to east. With an ever present pull to the next spiritual plane he calls Australia home… for now. Tirrell leads meditations, works one on one with clients and you might also find him instructing a full class of cycle devotees at Double Bay’s Shelter.

Tirrell Cherry 

Holistic Health & Wellness Coach 


An early olfactive (scent) memory?

The Plumeria or Frangipani flower - my childhood home on Oahu had a tree in the front yard that I would go out to pick the flowers and make Lei Necklaces.

Favorite Scent?
Sandalwood (Love using this while meditating, really helps calm and soothe) 

Favorite flower?
Black Dahlia, some don’t get happy emotions from them but they were all over my neighborhood in Marrickville and to see them blossoming rich colors of burgundy gave me an appreciation for how beautiful they are. 

Is there a season you favour?
LOOOVE Springtime in New York, the whole city comes alive, thawing from winter. It’s a short season there but the best. I grew up in Hawaii though, and prefer any warm climate. 

Do you dream? I do, dreams have been feeling a little more real with a strong memory of them hours after waking. 

Can you share with us a book that you're currently reading, or recently finished?
It’s been awhile since I’ve read something for “pleasure”, but for anyone wanting to cultivate deeper partnerships, and relationships in general, “Conscious Loving” by Gay Hendricks is an extremely insightful book that offers a new way to think about co-dependency in relationships, how we might struggle in getting our needs met from those we love, with tools to help become and act more mindfully when trying to communicate tricky emotions. 

How do you think you express love?
Spending quality time and definitely words of affirmation. I like people to know I’m there for them, paying attention, and want to have a deep connection. I’m a sensitive Taurus so you’ll find right away I’m loyal and pretty upfront with my feelings. 

Is there a philosophy or principle that you live by?
We are all mirrors and extensions of each other. What I do to another I do to myself, so be easy and as gentle as possible with every person you have an energy exchange with. Can be tough when feeling threatened, or activated (triggered), but it’s a good practice when wanting to find some clarity and peace. 

Where are you drawing inspiration from at present?
Healers like Maryam Hasnaa who speak about energy, protecting your energy, and learning how to use our energy in constructive / critical ways to live more intentionally awakened lives. Her post on instagram always seem to hit a nerve with me, in a good way, and I love that she is all for holding ourselves with compassion. That our energy is like currency and we decided how to spend it is something that has helped me move forward in a new way. I have been actively searching for POC thought leaders who challenge the way we live, think, and operate in the world, not seeing too many out there and being one myself, it’s been refreshing to get a perspective I can relate to. Also, she’s just super cool and has a beautiful aesthetic. 

What's important to you on a social, and environmental level?
That we begin looking at life more holistically, especially concerning social media and the environment. My philosophy that we are all connected expands on this - what I do has an effect, even if I don’t see or experience it in real time. The purchases I make, food I consume, products I love to use have some sort of impact on earth. So becoming more mindful with what I consume (why, who, and what they stand for) is a filter I’ve started applying to how I engage and spend money. I believe if we all just did those things 

and made choices based on heart and not ease or accessibility or even popularity we could create big massive shifts collectively. 

Where do you go to be with nature?
I love the ocean, no particular spot in mind. I just love being in the water, sitting and watching it, smelling salty air or listening to the waves crash. I enjoy taking my dog out for long walks and find ourselves by the water as often as possible. 

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