Chloe Hill: International Stylist
Chloe Hill: International Stylist

Chloe Hill: International Stylist

Chloe Hill transcends what it means to be a creative in this day and age. She is primarily a stylist and has since explored the world of photography leading to the birth of CoolPrettyCool where she is the founder and editor. Aside from travelling the world for work she is a social cheerleader, mentor, activist - any positive adjective in the English dictionary could be used here and it would apply. If you ask anyone to describe this beautiful human you’ll usually be met with an ear to ear smile and a personal anecdote of how they have either been personally impacted or inspired by her. She is also wildly modest to boot! She has recently returned to her homeland of New Zealand after residing in Sydney, leaving a gap in a lot of people hearts.

Chloe Hill 


Bushwalks (a very Kiwi way of saying hiking), baths, being creative.

An early olfactive (scent) memory?
Damp fields, English flowers and cow pat when I visited my Grandma's New Zealand farm.

Favourite scent?
Jasmine on a rainy day.

Favourite flower?
The climbing red rose that grew outside the window of my childhood bedroom.

Is there a season you favour?
Autumn in Sydney, Winter in Paris, Spring in London and Summer in Wellington.

Do you dream?
Always, my mind is a weird and wonderful place and surprises me all the time.

Can you share with us a book that you're currently reading, or recently finished?
The Dutch House by Ann Patchett. I've found it really hard to focus my mind on much during Iso but I'm gradually working through this beautiful book. It's the kind you can read slowly and savour the characters, relationships and descriptions of the fascinating house the story is based around.

How do you think you express love?
With words and actions. I like to give, whether it be time or simple small gestures. Maybe because I like the same in return.

Is there a philosophy or principle that you live by?
Be kind. I don't always succeed, but I try. When I was in my early twenties I made a habit of repeating 'be kind' over and over in my head and sometimes out loud each day, or when I struggled with relationships in my life. It made me much more conscious of my emotional output and really did change my mannerisms. 

Where are you drawing inspiration from at present?
Interior inspired artworks by Rose Electra Harris, Japanese brand Jenny Fax whose Instagram account is filled with vintage pastel inspiration and Charlotte Rey and Duncan Campbell's design ideas.

What's important to you on a social, and environmental level? What would you like to see either changed, or implemented in the near future?
That we all put aside even a couple of our self-focused intentions and shift our thinking to a more wholesome view of the world and our actions. Forgoing convenience and making choices that are better for everyone in the long run. Simple gestures like less takeout packaging, buying from local brands, utilising all the second-hand stores we're so lucky to have in each city, buying produce that isn't pre-packaged. A strawberry punnet can take over 400 years to decompose, is it worth that impact when you could buy a watermelon or orange which naturally comes in its own packaging.

Where do you go to be with nature?
New Zealand. There's nature everywhere when I get home, my favourite thing is seeing native Tui birds feed on the harakeke flax outside my parent's front door.

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